Just scan through the following answers to the frequently asked questions about Paisa Remit and its services to clear any of your queries.

  • Who can avail the services provided by Paisa Remit?

Any person who wants to make a payment (in foreign currency) to an individual in pay-out country i.e. Nepal (in pay-out currency i.e. NPR) can avail the services of Paisa Remit.

  • Which currencies can I remit?

You can send your remittance in various currencies. Beneficiary will receive money in local currency.

  • I already use another money transfer service, why would I want to switch to Paisa Remit?

Because we guarantee safe and prompt transfer of your hard earned money at lowest cost possible. Through Paisa Remit you can transfer your amount at the lowest cost. Money is transferred almost immediately even small amounts can be sent cost effectively. There is no charge at the receiving end so your loved ones can visit their respective agent and collect the money.

  • How do I know about the status of my money transfer?

For this you just need to visit our website and locate the ‘Track Money Transfer’ link on the homepage. Then type in the IME Remit control number and date of transaction. You will then be updated on the latest status of your money transfer.

  • How soon will the money be available to the Receiver?

As soon as the transaction detail is fed into system, receiver can collect his/her money at the instance within the office time. In case of account transfer, it will take 1 working day.

  • How much money I am allowed to send?

The exact amount of money that can be sent will depend upon the government rules and regulations of the respective sending and pay-out countries.

  • Where can I send the money from?

You can send money through our principal offices and agents within office hours of relevant country.